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Applications in Die and Mould industry


Die and Mould industry is the basic industry of national economy, an internationally recognized crucial industry.The total level of mold production technology has becoming an important indicator of a country’s level of production. It largely determines the products quality, efficiency and new product development. The main types of Die and Mould include stamping die, forging die, plastic die, die-casting mould,powder metallurgy mold, glass mold, rubber mold, ceramic mould, etc. The major industries applying die and mould frequently are automotive industry, house-hold appliance, IT, etc.


FMR milling cutter series


Reliable locating of insert, smooth chip evacuation, high precision, longer cutter body life; optimized geometry and grade can achieve high removal rate; wide-range of feed, can be applied in profiling, face milling, helical interpolation machining, cavity machining,etc.

EMP square shoulder milling cutter series:


Double-positive angle formed by cutter body and insert, low cutting force; with 90 degree arc compensation ensuring perpendicularity of side and bottom surface, good effect of end milling; insert with wiper, good bottom surface; different geometry insert applying in cast iron, steel, aluminum alloy and other materials respectively; one tool with multiple-functions, to be used for square shoulder milling, slot milling, cavity milling, etc.

BMR 03 profile milling cutter series:


For use in profiling, surface machining,groove milling, spiral machining, etc. especially suitable for roughing and semi-finishing of complex surface and radius back chipping

BMR 04 series ball nose milling tool


Mainly for convex cavity and cambered finishing, usually applied for mould and die profile finishing.

GM geometry with sharp edge, high profile precision, is suitable for deep depth of cutting and high feed rate occasions, can greatly improve cutting efficiency.

Interchangeable cutter head modular series


单片精铣球头刀可换式刀头 single ball-nose insert interchangeable cutter head for finish milling

FMR系列可换式刀头 FMR series interchangeable cutter head

多功能铣削刀具可换式刀头 Multipurpose tool with interchangeable cutter head

大进给铣刀可换式刀头(W形刀片)high feed milling cutter with interchangeable cutter head(W shape insert)

大进给铣刀可换式刀头(S形刀片)high feed milling cutter with interchangeable cutter head(S shape insert)

粗铣球头刀可换式刀头 ball-nose rough milling cutter with interchangeable cutter head

With only one tool holder can realize operations from roughing to finishing. Quick tool head exchange on the machine reduces cutting time and greatly improves production efficiency.Solid carbide interchangeable cutter head series shared a tool holder with index-able interchangeable series, can well meet the demands ranging from roughing to finishing operations in face milling, slot milling, square milling,profile milling, ramping, helical interpolation.

PM solid carbide end mill series


Geometry under strictly control can provide better improve chips flow and chip curling with lower cutting force. High stability edges treatment and high rigidity structure design ensure higher feed rate per tooth, greatly improve high metal removal rate and working efficiency.Under high-efficiency condition, this type of tool still has excellent wear-resistance and chipping resistance, suitable for finishing and semi-finishing.