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Titanium alloy supportor


Titanium alloy are getting more and wider application, it is major material for structural parts of aircraft vehicle. We developed –NM geometry inserts targeting the titanium alloy materials machining, such as RCKT-NM, ADMT-NM, SPGT-NM specification are matching with a complete range of specifications FMR, EMP/HMP milling tools and ZTD U drills, can achieve high-efficiency machining for titanium alloy structural parts.

Face milling

FMR 02 series, standard tool mounted with RCKT-NM inserts for normal machining. It can shorten machining time with wide application in roughing and semi-finishing.


Side milling and cavity machining

EMP series, HMP series tools mounted with ADMT*-NM series inserts; specially designed for titanium inserts for slot milling, side milling and cavity machining.



SD series twist drills

The main cutting edges are convex curve, with longer edges to reduce load on each unit, also lower wear rate; rake angle of flute “g” is a negative value, larger point angle facilitate heat-dissipation. 

Shallow hole-making

ZTD U drills

Brand-new treatment of conductor materials with high hardness and longer tool life; new positioning insert mounting angle with excellent chip breaking performance and low vibration in operation; mounted with SPGT*-NM insert, is suitable for titanium and high temperature alloy machining.

Profile finishing

Solid carbide ball-nose end mills, sharp edges and large chip pocket, is suitable for roughing and finishing; flat and smooth of end face, no sharp point, better wear resistance; high-performance KMG 405 coating further improved wear resistance.