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Landing gear


Landing gear is an accessory device during landing on surface or water surface for supporting aircraft on the surface to moving. It is mainly made of high alloy steel and titanium alloy, typical machining techniques include deep-hole making in turning and drilling, etc.

Deep-hole making

ZDD series tools with guide block, secure excellent hole-wall quality and machining precision, is suitable for deep-hole making; diameter can be customized. 

Square shoulder milling

EMPseries tools, mounted with ADMT*-NM series inserts, special designed for titanium alloy machining, is suitable for slots milling and side milling.

Face milling

A complete range of round tools series can achieve various application, such as face milling, slot milling, plunge milling, profile milling, circular interpolation, spiral ramping. Mounted with RCKT*-NM inserts, unique insert geometry design, high edges strength, is suitable for titanium alloy roughing and semi-finishing.

FMR 02                                      RCKT*-NM

Profile milling

BMR03 Series end mills, tool diameter within 16-50 mm, three-dimensional complex geometry inserts,high arc precision, mostly applied in profile roughing with high-efficiency. 

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